Coca-Cola World Oculus Rift VR

This is a Virtual Reality project I made for Oculus Rift glasses. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality system that completely immerses you inside virtual worlds and the results you can achieve with these glasses are amazing. I can’t show the final video because the glasses are truly needed to better appreciate the results, so I’m showing here several screenshots and making-of images.

Coca-Cola wanted kind of a black and white look with the red standing out since it’s the key of the brand.

The video introduces you to the “Coca-Cola World” and shows the origins of the beverage as a pharmacy jug until its newest and latest design.

Once the project was done, we had to make the effects for Oculus Rift systema creating the double images shots to make the illusion of 3D immersion inside the virtual world. The colors and the actual motion made it spectacular staging.

In addition to the real (virtual) feel of the scene, some aromas and special effects were added in the projection room to achieve a higher degree of immersion. This whole set of things made the project visually appealing and pleasing to the viewer.

Role: Virtual Reality 3D Designer
For: Coca-cola VR Oculus Rift